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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is always important to us


The privacy of your personal information is afforded the highest level of importance by We are bound by the Privacy Act 1983 (Canadian) (“Act”) regarding the manner in which we handle your personal information and how we respond to your requests to access and correct it. While we take careful measurements to protect the confidentiality of information provided to us, we have adopted the Privacy Policy detailed in this document in compliance with the Act. This document sets out our information handling procedures and the rights and obligations that both you and we have in relation to your personal information.


What We Collect

We at save the details you provide to us in your account profile, including your email address, phone numbers, physical address – you get the idea. The majority of this information is optional, but whatever you provide is safe with us. We will publicly display the country you are in by default, though you have the option to disable this behavior within your account profile. We won’t disclose private information to anyone unless we’re forced to by law.


We also collect the following usage statistics at an aggregate level:


- Your IP address
- Your browser version and its capabilites
- Your operating system
- The date and time of your visit


What We Do With It


Aside from the obvious uses of your details to enable the functionality of the Designussion site, we use the information we collect to:


- Improve website and system administration
- Conduct research and development
- Complete anonymous traffic analysis, via Google Analytics
- Provide statistics to advertisers in the form of aggregated data
- This information is kept on secure dedicated servers within the Designussion offices, and with trusted third party hosting providers.


The information collected during the registration process for Designussion may be used to:


- Contact members
- Customize content to match your preferences
- Display member status
- Display the date of a member’s last visit


The information we collect in this process can also be used to prevent suspended users from reregistering under a different username. We might also send cookies to your browser to enable automatic logins when you visit in future, as well as for content customization. That’s right – this little site is more complicated than it looks!


If you purchase products from Designussion, we’ll keep your contact information and a transaction history. might use your contact details to keep you informed of the status of your order, as well as to let you know about Designussion products and services.


Feeling nervous? Don’t be! The data we collect about you will only be used by us and our agents. Designussion hereby reserves the right to transfer any data collected in the event of an acquisition, full or partial, of the company or its assets.


Transfer of Information Overseas

By submitting personal information to, you consent to the transfer of that information to any jurisdiction in which conducts its business activities, including Canada and the United States, for the purpose of enabling Flip a Site to provide services to you.

We will otherwise only transfer your personal information overseas if the transfer is to you or to one of your authorised representatives, with your expressed consent or otherwise in accordance with the National and International Privacy Principles. We will not send your information outside of Canada in any other circumstances.


If you have any questions about our privacy policies, or you need help to opt out of our email lists, let us know.


Contact Us

Please contact us by email if you have questions about this policy,

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